May I Be Creative?

Society at large likes to sort people into boxes. Two I became familiar with were considered complete opposites. I could only choose to be a part of ONE. I was “told” that I must be of the scientific, logical, camp OR the artistic camp. Neither are allowed to intertwine. So I would do a quick side to side jump between the two, but stayed in the scientific camp more often because that was the “smart” option. The “employable” option. I was originally okay with this: I loved science, I enjoyed art, but one had to be dominant.

When it came to the end-all decision of high school classes and college major declarations (well, it seemed like a permanent decision to me at the time) I went the science route. I loved Biology: I excelled, even, and I was able to feel useful. I was always learning interesting things, I could give up the arts.

To keep a long story shorter, I looked back at the arts, and decided to make the leap to switch my dominant “box” from the sciences to the arts. Few semesters in, I enjoyed where I was, but longed for the science again.

Enter my delight and surprise when I came across the Graphic Design courses. It had the best of both worlds in my mind, and I found an answer to the warring question I’d tossed to the background: sciences or art?


The answer is both are allowed to coexist: that the scientist in me was allowed to stay, and be creative.



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