Vector Illustrations

Recent Project: Weathered Tales

These are some characters I created for an upcoming YouTube channel, Weathered Tales, Mr. Rainy Day and Sunni day. I also included my favorite video thumbnail design for the two characters’ opposing explanations of “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe.

Tender Times illustrations

I make these with the intention to open a small shop selling fun designs on baby onesies. Most fall into a “parent-child” animal theme or a “future career” category. A few are animal puns too, but those aren’t presentable as of yet. I’m still adding to this collection, with the goal of opening the shop when I’ve finished 20 designs. This project is ongoing when other projects are scarce. Each final illustration has at least ten variations behind it on any scrap of paper my hands find! More of this collection can be viewed here.

final fine art entry-01.png

“A Giving Nature” competition entry

A mother-like figure with outstretched arms, surrounded by green, near a border she both stands behind and reaches beyond. This illustration is heavily inspired by my love of Celtic art and myths with a style reminiscent of the Vienna Secession movement.

I did this illustration for fun and entered it into a competition. It’s a style I enjoy drawing in on my own time, and in fact, this started out as a doodle while brainstorming for an AR video game concept in my sketchbook! 🙂

A more traditional illustration with similar inspirations can be seen here


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