Learning New Things Makes a Superstar

Or, at least learning how to apply a custom coded email signature to Outlook’s stubborn signature editor makes me “basically” a superstar, according to their social media representatives.

@Outlook tweet
Response to my celebrations upon finding how to apply custom HTML coded signatures to Outlook’s editor

As for the custom coding, that wasn’t the hard part. I have a decent working understanding of HTML and CSS thanks to some Web Design classes I took for fun at college. Luckily, that is all that’s needed for an email signature: text, hyperlinks, an image call, a table to wrap up everything together and a nice editor to keep things organized. (Thank you, Brackets!)

No, the hardest part was finding out how to apply the code to Outlook. I’ll give you some tips to avoid:

  1. Don’t copy/paste the HTML file into the editor
  2. Don’t waste too much time trying to find a way to upload the HTML code saved as a .htm file onto the Desktop version of Outlook
  3. Don’t try to code within the editor itself

As for what you should do to successfully upload a custom email signature to Outlook…Should I give away the answer? Maybe I’ll lose some potential money for it but sure, I’ll share the secret to prevent others’ headaches. Isn’t that what the internet is for?

  1. Do save your codes as a .htm file on your desktop
  2. Do have Outlook opened to the online editor in your favorite browser
  3. Do open your .htm file using Firefox
  4. Highlight your signature and from the Firefox browser
  5. Finally copy and paste the signature into the Outlook editor*

*this is for Outlook 2017, I found a lot of tutorials for the previous versions of Outlook but had to figure this out for the current signature editor, which is really stubborn. 

I’m loving my internship at Phase 23! I’ve also been learning how to edit using the Salient theme’s visual editor for WordPress while working on keynutrients.com in addition to the how to apply a custom coded email signature, company wide, for Outlook. Be warned, however, some code is interpreted in odd ways once in Outlooks editor, so I haven’t removed all of the trial and error!